List of Cities in Algeria

List of Cities in Algeria

Algeria is Africa’s largest country and the tenth largest country in the world, has several cities with populations of over a million of residents. This is a list of Algerian cities, towns and towns and villages. The country borders Tunisia, Libya, Morocco, Mauritania, Mali, Niger, Western Sahara, and the Mediterranean Sea. The total population of Algeria is 43,378,027.

Algeria is one of Africa’s most developed countries whose economy is has grown largely as a result of natural gas and energy export to Europe.

Algiers is a significant city, having been an important location for trading throughout its history, and it continues to be the commercial and economic center of Algeria today. Algiers, known as White City.

The second largest city or the Algeria is Oran. The role of this city is also important because of cultural and economic part of the country.

There is another city of Algeria that name is Annaba/ Annaba is one of Algeria’s most beautiful city. Because of history and cultural Annaba place a important role in the Algeria beauty.

Below is the list of cities in Algeria there are 38 cities in Algeria.

List of Cities in Algeria

wdt_ID # City Arabic name Berber name
1 1 Algiers الجزائر Dzayer
2 2 Oran وهران Wehran / Wahren
3 3 Constantine قسنطينة Qsenṭina
4 4 Annaba عنابة Ɛennaba
5 5 Blida البليدة Blida
6 6 Batna باتنة Tabatent
7 7 Djelfa الجلفة Ǧelfa
8 8 Sétif سطيف Sṭif / Seṭṭif
9 9 Sidi Bel Abbès سيدي بلعباس Sidi Belɛebbas
10 10 Biskra بسكرة Bisekra
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