List of Provinces in Afghanistan / Provinces in Afghanistan

List of Provinces in Afghanistan / Provinces in Afghanistan

A Concise View on Afghanistan

Afghanistan a south Asian land-lock country is known for his diverse culture, ethnic and tribal multiformity, staunch nationalism and religious dogmas. People of this country have proud of their ethos and are conservative of a next degree. Afghanistan is also known as the graveyard of Imperial powers. Its people have always been free from foreign pressure or involvement.

Afghanistan is a Mountainous country. Kabul is a capital of Afghanistan and it is a largest city in the Afghanistan as well as one of the largest city of the world also. Kabul is situated on the Kabul River. It consist of millions of population. And this Kabul is also divided into several districts. Here you will find district with population.  Afghanistan consist of 34 provinces and each Province further divided into district. The complete of Afghanistan is given by there government which is in role in the Afghanistan. Currently the complete name is Islamic republic of Afghanistan before it was Islamic emirates of Afghanistan. This name is given by Taliban.

Here is official link of Afghan Govt.

Provinces in Afghanistan

wdt_ID Sr.No Province Name
1 1 Badakhshan
2 2 Badghis
3 3 Baghlan
4 4 Balkh
5 5 Bamyan
6 6 Daykundi
7 7 Farah
8 8 Faryab
9 9 Ghazni
10 10 Ghowr
Sr.No Province Name
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