List of Provinces in Algeria

List of Provinces in Algeria

Algeria is divided into 58 Provinces. The 58 provinces are divided into 1541 municipalities.  The capital city of a baladiyah, daïra, or province, always gives those entities their name, even Algiers, the capital of the country gave it its name (El Djazayar, the Arabic name for both the city and the country).

The capital of each province is a municipality, and the capital city is also the largest city. Its population is about 38 million, and the name of its capital is Algiers. Both Arabic and French languages are spoken. Algeria is a one of the oil exports country in the world. The southern part of Algeria is mostly desert, the day time temperatures are quite high throughout the year while nights are typically cool.

Algeria is a North African country with a Mediterranean coastline and a Saharan desert interior. Algeria have 48 Provinces . The capital of Algeria is Algiers.

list of provinces in Algeria

wdt_ID # Province ولاية
1 1 Adrar أدرار
2 2 Chlef الشلف
3 3 Laghouat الأغواط
4 4 Oum el-Bouaghi أم البواقي
5 5 Batna باتنة
6 6 Béjaïa بجاية
7 7 Biskra بسكرة
8 8 Béchar بشار
9 9 Blida البليدة
10 10 Bouïra البويرة
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